Who is the owner of Big Brother Naija and how is it funded?


Big Brother Naija, formerly known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a Nigerian reality TV show centered on the Big Brother television franchise, in which participants reside in a secluded house and contend for a large cash prize and other material prizes at the end of the series by avoiding being evicted from the house by viewers who vote for their favorite housemates to stay on the show. The housemates’ various trials and tribulations are closely monitored on cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is why Biggie’s eye is used as the logo, implying that he is always watching.

Nominations for the weekly eviction show are required of all housemates. The viewers are invited to vote for the housemate who receives the most votes. Following that, in a weekly show on Sunday evenings, the housemate with the most votes will be evicted. The winner is determined by who is left standing.

BBNaija is the Nigerian adaptation of John de Mol Jr.’s Endemol, a Dutch television network, reality show. The Big Brother franchise, based on George Orwell’s “Big Brother,” premiered in the Netherlands in 1999, with a record 4 million of the 15 million Dutch people tuning in to watch the final episode on December 30, 1999. Almost immediately, the production format was sold to other countries, where it worked well with their traditions and production codes.

Why did Big Brother Naija become popular in Africa?

At first, it was only BB Africa. Big Brother Africa first aired in 2003, and it was unique among Big Brother iterations around the world because the housemates in Big Brother Africa were selected from various African countries. This setup, in theory, made the show very popular both within and outside of the 14 participating countries. However, in the show’s later years, such as the final season, it faced several challenges, including a fire and a lack of financial backing, which finally resulted in its cancellation. And this is where BBN stood out.

Big Brother Africa was essentially Big Brother Naija’s forerunner. Its previous success was based on several factors that have grown in importance in recent years: the size of the audience, the internet, and the number of people who have access to satellite television. Big Brother Naija rose to prominence as a result of the previous Big Brother Africa’s success, to the point where when it was reintroduced, there was already an awareness of what the show was about due to the increased number of DSTv subscribers and social media exposure. Eventually, BBN gave a blueprint as to how other African countries ought to run their own Big Brother shows.

How Big Brother Naija has changed lives

Former Big Brother Naija housemates have gone on to make a name for themselves and their brands. This has contributed to the show’s image as a launchpad for personal achievement. To name a few, Mercy Eke, Tobi Bakre, and Bamike “BamBam” Olawunmi have all made it to the big screen. After winning the second season of Big Brother Naija, Efe’s musical career took a turn for the better.

This has resulted in a groundswell of support for the show among young people, particularly those interested in working in the entertainment industry and using Big Brother Naija as a platform to raise their living standards, promote their talent, and earn money through brand partnerships. Big Brother Naija has also received a positive response from Nigerians, despite polarizing comments on the show. It could bring together people who disagree with each other, which could lead to more people taking part and a new direction for young people. It could do this by encouraging community awareness programs, encouraging literacy by including tasks that require more thought, and educating the public.


One thing is certain: the TV show grows with each season, as do the viewers and the brand. Despite the pandemic, it was interesting to see how Big Brother Naija dealt with it by holding auditions for this year’s BBNaija online rather than the typically overcrowded physical applications. The prize money has increased as well, from N25 million in 2017 to N85 million in 2020. The show’s popularity and reach ensures that there will be no shortage of promoters shortly. We’re looking forward to seeing how BBNaija develops over time.

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