Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in Nigeria


Blogging has always been a way for people around the world to make money while speaking, giving their unadulterated opinions on topics such as celebrity news, politics, and so on. This has become so popular in Nigeria that some of the most successful bloggers in Africa are from the country. Of course, this doesn’t mean that blogging is as easy as it sounds; it takes time, effort, and a bit of capital to see results.

For any blog to be successful, it needs to have a lot of traffic, meaning that it needs to rank higher in search engines and be noticed by the particular demographic of users surfing the web. Picking out the most successful blogs in Nigeria might be tricky since different blogs target different niches. Nowadays, most blogs are ranked by how much revenue potential, traffic, and influence they have. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the list.

  1. Lindaikeji’s blog: Linda Ikeji is one of Nigeria’s most well-known bloggers. Her blog, which encompasses it all from current news stories to celebrity gossip, has now become a go-to source for Nigerians seeking current information. In addition to her writing skills, Ikeji is well-known for her business acumen. Through her popular website, she has built an entire community of engaged readers and industry insiders. Her distinct tone and desire to stay on top of current trends have managed to earn her a devoted following. Her insightful commentary and insider knowledge, on the other hand, have made her one of Nigeria’s leading media influencers. It was enough to set Nigeria’s social media sphere on fire with rumors and controversy. If there is a hot rumor going around Nigeria, chances are it was first reported through her blog. You can visit them at: https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/
  2. Ogbongeblog.com: Jide Ogunsanya is the creator of ogbongeblog.com. The biologist-turned-blogger has established a very educational Nigerian teaching site from which you can find the most basic online tutorials. Jide is the creator of the popular Facebook group BloggersLab, where bloggers share their ideas. Jide Ogunsanya is an expert when it comes to writing SEO-friendly posts. This is why, even though he doesn’t post very often on his blog, Ogbongeblog.com has been useful and consistent since it started. You can visit them at: https://www.ogbongeblog.com/
  3. Legit.ng: Legit.ng was previously known as Naij.com; the blog’s owner adjusted the domain name to Legit.ng and then redirected the old domain to the new one, primarily due to ad-related issues. Legit.ng is ranked as Nigeria’s top online blog for breaking news and entertainment. Legit.ng serves as a way for people to receive unadulterated news. The term “legit” was coined obviously from the word “legitimate,” which means that every form of content on the blog is authentic, which has further promoted the user experience with the blog. The previous domain, Naij.com, was founded in 2012, and its Facebook page was the first in Nigeria to reach 1,000,000 likes, which is quite impressive for a blog. In 2018, the domain name Naij.com was changed to Legit.ng without losing any of its regular visitors. You can visit them at: https://www.legit.ng/
  4. Naijaloaded: Makinde Azeez founded Naijaloaded.com in 2009, and the blog has always been the go-to place when you get home from work and want to keep up with what’s going on in Nigeria. Before now, Naijaloaded was the most popular blog in Nigeria until it was surpassed by several other bloggers like Linda Ikeji and others. But even then, Naijaloaded still serves as an amazing online platform where you can get the latest gist, gossip, and entertainment, authentic Nigerian music, videos, and political news on a daily basis for Nigerians both at home and abroad. You can visit them at: https://www.naijaloaded.com.ng/
  5. Bella Naija: Uche Eze founded Bella Naija, a one-of-a-kind fashion blog, in 2006. Bella Naija is one of the most successful Nigerian blogs in terms of monthly traffic and revenue generated. Bella Naija has gone so far as to launch its own online TV show called Bella Naija TV, where most of Nigeria’s stunning celebrity artists are interviewed. Although Bella Naija focuses on fashion, it has expanded into other niche areas in order to cover a wider range of interesting topics such as Nollywood-related subjects, events, relationship advice, music, and celebrity news. You can visit them at: https://www.bellanaija.com/
  6. 360nobs: In case you didn’t know, 360nobs is an acronym for 360 No Bull Sh#t. Clearly, you have the impression that they take their content creation very seriously. The site is one of the Nigerian blog sites that overwhelm Twitter, and it serves as a hub for Nigerian music fans who never tire of downloading entertaining and melodic Nigerian songs. Noble Igwe founded 360nobs in 2010 and has remained dedicated to music. Looking to download a song? Well, look no further. If you simply want to listen to the latest music, 360nobs is the place to go. The platform is a blog site for music downloads, movie updates, entertainment news, and lifestyle, among other things. You can visit them at: https://360nobs.com.ng/
  7. 9jaflaver: This platform has recently gained popularity, and they comprise almost all the news in the country, including politics. They also offer free beats for upcoming artists to download on their website. The website is built in a distinctive green color. On the platform, you can download a variety of videos, including comedies, sports, and music. It’s a very useful blog with a lot of quality entertainment. Feel free to go through it because it is one of Nigeria’s best entertainment blogs. You can visit them at: https://9jaflaver.com/
  8. NotJustOk: The blog is primarily about music, and they are considered to be one of the first Nigerian music blogs, serving up 2000s hit musicians like 2face, Psquare, and Wande Coal. The platform grew in popularity, and some of Nigeria’s biggest musicians used to debut their songs on the blog back then. Aside from the music, they also released other news in the music industry. This website definitely deserves a spot as one of the best Nigerian entertainment blogs. You can visit them at: https://notjustok.com/
  9. Netnaija: Since its inception in 2009 as proudlyboiuz.com, NetNaija has continued to improve and relaunched to ensure that daily users get high quality content. You can still download Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV shows from the platform. Netnaija arrived and brought something unique because they had a collection of both international and domestic films. Any comedy video, music video, or complete soccer highlights can be downloaded. When it first came out, there were only a few blogs in Nigeria that did what it did. This made it very popular. You can visit them at: https://www.thenetnaija.com/
  10. Tooxclusive: Tooxclusive is a music and review website based in Nigeria. The website, founded in 2010 by Olutayo “Tyler” Duncan Sotubo, is well-known for hosting the annual tooXclusive Online Music Awards. They take pride in being the go-to source for pan-African music entertainment, reviews, trending news, and celebrity updates. Individuals have access to a variety of complete music and videos on this music website, which they can download as many as they want until their entertainment needs are met. Tooxclusive’s goal has always been to expand its music distribution throughout Africa while also becoming the largest music platform in Nigeria. It became so popular that it was eventually brought to Ghana to help promote Ghanaian musicians. You can visit them at: https://tooxclusive.com/


Bloggers have played a significant role in influencing the entertainment industry over the years. Today we will discuss the best entertainment blogs in Nigeria, as entertainment is a very big business in Nigeria and the niche is highly profitable. The owners of these blogs earn millions of naira per month and have grown so influential that they sometimes interview celebrities in the entertainment industry. They act as publicists for artists and create online campaigns to help songs go viral. Those who want to start a blog should keep in mind that it takes time and patience.

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