Nigeria’s Top 5 Dating Sites


Most single people are now using dating apps to find soulmates, casual dates, and other types of social connections, which may surprise you. Even more surprising is that married people are using these apps to find one-night stands and no-strings-attached relationships. What is the significance of such a large number? Is there anything unique about online dating sites?

A friend once told me that looking for love online is just like asking for money on a busy road. It’s highly unlikely to find anything on the road because it’s not a place for money seekers. Even if this friend of mine is partially correct, it still doesn’t change that nothing is impossible. And besides, we’ve heard several stories about people who have found love online. There are also stories of people who, despite not finding love, met people on dating sites who they will remember for the rest of their lives. So let us take a look at some dating sites you can try out in Nigeria.

List of dating sites

  1. Friendite: Friendite.com is a free online dating site that offers an excellent and exceptional user experience and secure privacy settings to its users. Friendite has been one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing social dating sites since its launch, particularly in Anambra State’s Awka. On one website, members can find dates, share photos and videos, organize events, blogs, and groups, read the latest news, and play advanced games with other members. The new Friendite.com website’s innovative and unique style has made it an appealing online dating website for Nigerian singles looking for love and courtship. The website offers protection for singles who want to try internet dating. The majority of users are college students, and these new features aim to make dating more fun, interesting, and exciting for them.
  2. Tinder: Tinder is known as the “hookup app,” but it’s really a dating app that, like its competitors, aims to provide a pathway to relationships and even marriage for a more tech-savvy generation. It challenges the traditional dating dynamic, which entails going out and interacting with strangers in public places. Rather, it brings that diverse dating pool to you, which you might (or might not) have had access to at a bar or club. To use Tinder, you must first make a profile. This profile includes information like where you are now, your gender, age, how far you’ve traveled, and whether you prefer men or women. According to the app, Tinder prioritizes active users and matches you with others that are active at the same time. It doesn’t collect race or income information. Still, it does consider the information you provided when you signed up, such as how far somebody is from you, their gender, and their age.
  3. Naijaplanet: NaijaPlanet is a niche dating site that connects Nigerian singles with individuals worldwide. The platform brings Nigerians and their admirers from all over the world together. Its user base has surpassed 300,000, with a large percentage of its users hailing from West Africa. Because the platform is funded by advertisements, all online dating features are free. Members of NaijaPlanet can upload photos, send and receive messages, and look for dates without worrying about subscriptions or payment options. There is no reason why NaijaPlanet members should ever have to pay money during their online dating experience. Online daters can use NaijaPlanet’s free communication tools to better get to know one another and build a stable relationship. Free chat is available to all users. Using the live chat windows doesn’t need a paid subscription, a mutual match, or even a profile picture. Users are reminded not to send money to strangers under any circumstances in all chat windows. Although NaijaPlanet takes steps to eliminate fake profiles and Nigerian scammers, it is still a good idea for users to be cautious when meeting online.
  4. Sexynaija: SexyNaija definitely has to be on the best free dating sites list. This website is promoted as one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria, and it is thought to be the most established, having launched in 2005. Surprisingly, this Nigerian website is completely free; there is no need to pay for a premium membership. And, like other dating sites, you sign up by providing standard information such as blood type, religion, occupation, marital status, drinking habits, etc. Instant Messaging, Chatting, a Forum, a Blogging Application, and your own personal email are just a few of the appealing features of Sexy Naija. These features are meant to make your experience better and make sure that singles can talk to each other well.
  5. Afroromance: Afroromance allows Nigerian singles to meet and date other singles. You must go through a thorough verification process that weeds out untrustworthy people to join. It’s a mixed-race dating site where black and white singles can meet and date. The site specializes in connecting singles who would like to date people of various races. It also has many users who are looking for interracial dating partners. As you can see, it is aimed at Nigerians living in the United States and the United Kingdom rather than Nigerians living in Nigeria. In addition, you must pay a Gold Membership fee based on the length of time you wish to use the site for certain functions other than the basic ones, such as sending SMS. However, many Nigerians from Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt have registered on this dating site, so if you join and get involved with Meet Nigerians, you’ll be hooked in no time. On the other hand, you do not need to pay the gold premium to join in.

Reasons to use dating sites

  1. Better chances of finding a partner: Making new friends and falling in love can be disappointing, especially if you don’t know them well. On the other hand, online dating apps allow you to browse profiles and find people who share your desired characteristics. Even if they lie, you have the option of dating online for a while to get to know each other a bit. This increases the likelihood of finding the right partner while reducing the likelihood of heartbreak. According to studies, couples who met online have a lower divorce rate than those who met in other ways.
  2. Easy to start: Users need only a mobile phone and internet access to begin their online dating journey. You can either download a dating app or create an account on their website. The next step is to create your profile, including information about yourself, your hobbies, your beliefs, and the characteristics you seek in a partner. After you’ve entered this information, you can start evaluating your matches. Depending on whether you’re interested in the person, you can swipe right or left.
  3. Variety of personalities: One of the most significant advantages of online dating is getting to know people better before meeting them in person. You can ask questions and interact with others by sending messages using the chat feature. It enables you to better understand your potential match’s personality and interests. If your personalities are compatible, you can either pass or continue. You can exchange contacts over time and expand your conversation to other social media networks to understand each other.
  4. Cost-effective: Another advantage of online dating is that it is inexpensive. You don’t have any other expenses besides an internet connection and a subscription fee, which aren’t required, other than when trying to get to know someone in real life. Each date converts to taxi rides, movie tickets, or dinner expenses.
  5. Controlled pace: Another advantage of online dating is controlling how quickly your relationship develops. You have more control over how things are carried out. Because there are no social responsibilities and you haven’t met the person yet, it makes things easier for both parties.


Internet dating is a common practice these days, and people looking for true love are likely to succumb to the convenience of technology. Because of these benefits of online dating, we can find matches more quickly and with less trouble.

However, if you want to stay safe in the dating world while taking advantage of the benefits of online dating, be cautious about who you talk to. You can offer video calls to verify their identity or suggest meeting in a public place.

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