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Is Ya Ready – Kay Flock lyrics

Lyrics to Is Ya Ready by Kay Flock

Is Ya Ready lyrics

Grrah, grrah (War’s too nasty)
Grrah-grrah (Yo, turn that shit up)
Grrt, baow, baow-baow-baow (Like)
Like, every opp shot, nigga (Everything dead)
Grrt, baow, baow-baow-baow (Smokin’ all deads, nigga)
Suck my dick (Grrah-grrah)
Don’t run, don’t trip, like
Don’t run, don’t trip, like

Go ask my opps, it get ugly
I could do (Shh) like Ice did to Sonny (Like)
Think I’m lackin’? That nigga a dummy (Nigga a dummy)
He think I’m a rapper, he think that shit funny (Like)
Okay (Okay), dump both ways (Like)
Flip through the fours while I’m yellin’ out, “Dubski”
Don’t-don’t run, don’t-don’t trip
They know my body, Mr. Throw-More-Than-Six (Like)
On a Revel, or a Lyft
Hop out gang, I bought him and his bitch (Him and his bitch)
F-f-fuck it, I’m in fashion, I bet I’ll still up it (Pussy)
He the fastest, don’t know where I’m runnin’ (Don’t run)
Fuck it, back out, put the beat on in public (Like)
Grrah, grrah, grrah, keep dumpin’ (Keep dumpin’)
Edot Baby, that kid ain’t on nothin’ (Baow)
On JayRip, got most of ’em duckin’ (Baow, baow-baow-baow)
Grrah, grrah, nigga, stop puttin’ names in your song
You alright? Somethin’ is wrong
Bend through my block, show me you perform (Pussy)
They can’t wait till they catch him a what? (Like)
Okay, let’s get it on (Let’s get it on)
EBK, bitch, I’m feeling like Melly (Like)
He get shot if he tote in the deli (Grrah-grrah)
Make it sexy (Sexy)
Bitches get shot, it get heavy (Grrah-grrah, baow)
Like with Nesty (Nesty)
My .45 hold six, throwing deadies (Like, grrah-grrah)
With’ his bestie (Rah, Rah)
In the ground EBK, he with Mexi (Grrah-grrah, Mexi)
And free Freddy
Miss the opp, better pop like confetti (Free Freddy, nigga)
Is you ready? (Ready)
We gon’ bend through that block, leave it messy
Is you ready?
We gon’ bend through that block, leave it messy
Bitch, I’m a stomper, I don’t really step (I don’t do the step)
Nigga, I’m a vet’ (Better watch ya’ step)
Better come correct
I’m a demon so watch who you check (Grrt, baow)
Always lit, say less, I done slept with’ a Nine Trey, pound ’em with TEC (Baow, baow, baow, baow)
See a opp, fuckin’ duh I’ma wreck, catch an LV put him on his neck (LVK)

Grrah, grrah, grrah-grrah, boom
Grrah, grrah-grrah, boom

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