How to make Oha Soup


Oha soup is indigenous to Nigeria’s south-eastern region. It’s a traditional soup that’s similar to bitterleaf soup but made with Oha leaves. Oha Soup is unique because the delicate Oha leaves used in this soup recipe are seasonal, making it a bit rare as opposed to their bitter-leaf counterpart, which is available all year.

Oha leaves are obtained from an African evergreen tree. The plant’s scientific name is Pterocarpus mildraedii. It contains a variety of nutrients, including fiber, amino acids, calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin A. This is a delectable soup that is simple to make, and you can be sure that no matter how you make it, it will be delicious.

Ingredients for making Oha soup

  • Salt
  • Water/Stock
  • Stock fish
  • Smoked fish
  • Periwinkle (optional)
  • Ground crayfish
  • Ponmo
  • Beef, chicken, fish, turkey, or your preferred protein.
  • Palm oil
  • Onions
  • Cocoyam or Achi (Soup Thickeners)
  • Oha leaves (cut using a knife or shredding with your fingers)
  • Uziza leaves (chopped)
  • Seasonings

Steps to prepare Oha soup

  1. Place the meat, Ponmo, and stock fish in a pot, add the seasoning and onions, and cook for 5 minutes before adding a little water, covering, and cooking until the meat is tender.
  2. You can either cook the cocoyam alongside the meat to save time, or cook the cocoyam separately.
  3. When it’s done, add 2 cups of water and the palm oil, and cook for about ten minutes. (Remove the cocoyam and pound it in a mortar or blend it in a blender or food processor.) Add the ground crayfish, ground pepper, and salt and cook for another seven minutes.
  4. Add your Oziza leaves first (since they are stronger than Oha leaves), then your Oha leaves.
  5. Allow it to cook for one minute before turning off the stove.
  6. Your delectable Oha soup is now ready.
  7. Serve with your favorite swallow, be it eba, pounded yam, or fufu.

Health benefits of Oha soup

Just like any other vegetable, it obviously contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins B and C, and many other nutrients. All of the nutrients mentioned above are extremely beneficial to the body in a variety of ways.

  1. Boosts the immune system: Oha leaves are high in important vitamins and nutrients that can significantly boost your immune system. The leaf has phytochemicals and antioxidants that help the body fight off disease and infections.
  2. Aids Digestion: Because of its high fiber content, including Oha leaves in your cooking can help enable better digestion. Fibre aids in the digestion of food, preventing constipation, gastrointestinal problems, and other digestive issues. It also promotes gut health, which helps prevent colon cancer. If you suffer from constipation on a regular basis, using Oha leaves in your food will do your guts a world of good.
  3. Aids digestion: High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a leading cause of death. The disadvantage is that it rarely causes symptoms, implying that death occurs suddenly. That is why it is recommended that you have regular checkups. One of the ingredients you can include is Oha leaf, which is high in potassium and magnesium, two nutrients that help lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.
  4. Treats diarrhea: Oha leaf contains zinc, which is effective for the treatment of diarrhea. This is because it helps to repair and protect the intestinal mucosa, allowing you to get better from diarrhea.
  5. Aids production of Red blood cells: Oha leaf is high in iron, which aids in the manufacturing of haemoglobin, the substance responsible for the formation of red blood cells. Anaemia is defined as a lack of haemoglobin in a person. Incorporating oha leaves into your diet will increase the production of red blood cells and aid in the treatment of your deficiency.
  6. Good for your bones: Eating Oha leaves is also good for your bones. This is due to the presence of calcium and magnesium, two nutrients necessary for the growth of strong, healthy bones. This makes it ideal for those struggling with osteoporosis, particularly women.
  7. Helps with Diabetes: Another amazing health benefit of Oha soup is its ability to help diabetics. Oha leaves have a low glycemic index and help to keep blood glucose levels in check. It will prevent calorie accumulation in the blood, which can raise blood glucose levels.


Oha leaf is a nutritious leafy vegetable with a variety of medicinal properties. Because of the health benefits of Oha leaves, you should use them more in your soups. Better yet, make and eat Oha soup as often as you can. Even though Oha soup is native to the eastern part of Nigeria, most Nigerian families from other tribes enjoy this delicious and nutritious meal as well. However, only a few Nigerians know how to prepare it, and now that you do, try making some for yourself, your family, or your guests.

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