First time drinking tequila? Here’s a guide on how to enjoy


The party spirit of choice is tequila. Most party-goers enjoy the expansion of hip brands and well-known figures investing in or collaborating with strict Mexican regulations and advancements in the cultivation and distillation of agave plants.

The days of simply downing a few tequila shots before entering a club are long gone, and anyone can now savor tequila in various ways at any hour of the day or night. Recognizing what makes an excellent drink and how to drink tequila best now comes in handy for various situations, whether you’re a shot-maker, sipper, or high-wire mixologist.

The type of spirit you want to buy will depend on how you intend to consume tequila. Tequila comes in three main varieties: blanco, reposado, and anejo.

Along with these, extra Anejo tequila (matured longer) is also available, as is Joven (between Blanco and reposado), cristalino (color removed), and mixto tequila, which is a common ingredient in making frozen drinks. Unaged tequila is known as blanco, or silver, and it tastes more like the agave plant and citrus than more mature tequila. It is the place to go for inexpensive beverages. Offerings of reposado and anejo tequila are darker in color, aged in barrels, and given a firmer but smoother flavor during distillation. For seasoned mixologists who create a particular flavor, they suggest neat drinking.

There is also Mezcal, a spirit similar to tequila that is oven-cooked with various agaves, including the wild stuff, giving it a more comprehensive range of flavors and taste profiles. To discover more about tequila straight, tequila sipping and drinking, and excellent agave spirit cocktails, beginners should refer to the following guide.

Lemon and salt

Tequila back in college was a shot you took with salt and lemon. In the hand that is free from holding the shot glass, take a spoonful of table salt and tuck it between your thumb and forefinger. At the same time, have a wedge of lemon (you can also substitute lime).

Lick the salt from your hand, knock down a shot of straight tequila, and then take a sip. It’s not too tricky! To stay warm and happy as you continue to party into the night, you down one or two cheap tequila shots at most (on a strict budget).

To enjoy your straight tequila shot time, never consume more than two of these in the early evening; otherwise, your night will end with brief overconfidence, vomiting, and a lie-down, while your friends have the time of their lives.

If you’re making a straightforward price choice, choose a crisp Blanco or silver tequila. If money is not a concern, try one of the finest tequila brands if you want a warm agave flavor and minimal afterburn. Use only table salt. While a tequila shot is a speedy operation, and rock salt and excellent grinds are all the rage, you don’t want to end up later having to dig salt rocks out of your teeth.

Sipping from a glass

If you have a premium brand on hand, tequila is no different from Scotch or bourbon. The fun is often in learning about the spirit you’re drinking and its distinguishing characteristics because you’ve paid more for it (but that’s because I enjoy sipping).

The Blue Agave plant, which makes agave spirit, and the French oak casks or old bourbon barrels used to store Reposado tequila take on more flavor and aroma as they age. Whisky drinkers who give tequila a try for the first time comment on how rich and complex the flavor of a well-made Reposado, Anejo, or extra Anejo tequila variety is.

Mix it with other drinks

Most people try tequila for the first time in a margarita, but there are many other ways to explore tequila. If you like cocktails, try a Paloma, a drink made with Blanco tequila, lime, grapefruit, simple syrup, and soda. Another popular variation is a Tequila take on the traditional two-ingredient mixer.

Enjoy, and Reposado Tequila works well in other cocktails. It can be pretty astounding to try an Old Fashioned with Anejo Tequila, and it has slightly more sweetness but is similar to a Bourbon in terms of body, spice, and warmth.

In contrast to earlier decades, tequila comes in a new form and is to be sipped neat rather than taken as a shot. Everybody enjoys a good margarita, but there are differences in style, quality, freshness, and even how to drink it. If you want to add some tequila to your fun, there is also an incredibly extensive and intriguing cocktail menu.

When creating these cocktail recipes, make sure the amount of money you spend on tequila, ice, garnishes, and fruit corresponds to the outcome you’re aiming to achieve. Spend some time developing the flavor of your cocktail as well. If you’re interested, you should try the following recipes:

  • The most well-known drink among them all is probably tequila and soda.
  • Tequila and grapefruit soda in combination.
  • A Tequila cocktail prepared with tequila and pineapple juice.
  • Tequila and agave syrup.
  • Tequila and vermouth make a delicious combination.
  • Tequila and Bloody Mary should be combined.

So now I know how to drink; how often should I drink tequila? 

Tequila provides several unexpected health benefits, despite not being a “health food.” To gain the best health advantages, go for tequila that is “100 percent agave.” And keep in mind that this guidance only applies if you take tequila in moderation. We do not in any way suggest drinking a lot at once. Instead, we suggest taking one or two shots.

It has probiotic properties

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that naturally inhabit our intestines and are indeed something you have heard of by now. If not, read on.

They help our bodies maintain a healthy equilibrium and are primarily responsible for our immune system. These good guys supply some of the fructans from which you make tequila. Once more, we’re only talking about very little tequila. As your immune system pushes to work extra hard to combat the poisons in alcohol, becoming intoxicated will likely have the reverse effect and wipe out your natural stocks of good microorganisms.

Helps digestion

Tequila consumption after a meal is known to improve digestion. Some advice is to take a shot before a meal to boost metabolism and appetite, followed by another shot afterward to calm and aid digestion.

Helps lose weight

I know, crazy. The consensus is that you shouldn’t drink alcohol if you want to lose weight, which still holds since liquid calories are absorbed far more quickly than we imagine.  However, you can take advantage of the weight-loss benefits of agavins, a specific type of sugar found in tequila, if you can consume a moderate amount of it.

In addition, they don’t raise blood sugar levels and have a less complex molecular structure than agave nectar, which should not be confused with. In contrast to other sugar alcohols, which have a higher glycemic index, sugar alcohols pass through the body unused. Additionally, it increases metabolism and aids in fat dissolution.

It doesn’t give you hangovers.

If you only consume high-quality beverages, that is. Again, to receive this benefit, you must drink “100% agave” tequila. Cheaper products often contain additional sugar alcohols that will make you pass out.

No alcohol is healthy, but tequila might not be a bad choice if you like to indulge now and then. Cheers!

It may aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, because the fructans are not digestive and serve as fiber, it allows people with diabetes to occasionally drink tequila. It protects against the risky blood sugar surge and encourages insulin synthesis by passing through the body undigested.

Since every person is unique and reactions might differ, it goes without saying that you should see your doctor before beginning to take shots of tequila if you have diabetes.


Even though you might enjoy tequila, please practice responsible drinking. After consuming 21 shots of alcohol at once, anyone could experience life-threatening repercussions. It could even kill you. The first 5 ounces are at least 30% alcoholic. A 150-pound person who consumes 21 shots of alcohol over four hours will have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

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