9 simple ideas to make your vision board more effective


Now and then, you take a few moments to imagine your ideal life. This creative process is known as “visioning.” Visioning entails using our right brain to stimulate creativity and imagination.

It’s a process that frequently assists us in getting to the heart of what we want, what is important to us, and then prompts us into action from a place of aliveness and alignment.

Visioning can help you feel more motivated and confident, and it can also set you up for success in many areas of your life.

Constructing vision boards, which are embodiments of our goals and dreams, is a practice for making visioning more tangible. These boards are basically collages of pictures, words, and phrases that show what you want to happen in the future.

This dream board aims to make you feel ecstatic, inspiring you to concentrate and take action.

Vision boarding may appear to be a mystical gimmick, but there’s a reason for its popularity: it works. So without further ado, let’s get into our ten ideas for vision boards.


All of us can draw inspiration from the words of great people who have ever lived on this planet. Pick the ones that are essential to your situation and move you emotionally.

Choose quotes that will guide your thoughts in the right direction and inspire you to work hard to achieve your goal.

You don’t need to only use quotes from famous people. You might even choose a remark made by someone close to you, such as your parents, a celebrity, or someone who has a special place in your heart, if they say something that moves you.

You may also choose to include the opening lines of a song or poem if you believe they are particularly captivating.

2. Pictures

Do you recall the proverb? It says that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” which is a valid point. Gather a stack of old magazines and search through them digitally for any pictures that, in your opinion, belong on the vision board.

Eliminate the ideas that are not as significant to you if you have too many to fit on your vision board.

On your vision board, you can put images of associated successful people and ideas that evoke feelings you wish to experience on your vision board.

Depending on the vision you are working toward, this could make you feel happy, proud, and joyful.

You might want to try making a digital vision board if you find that you get ideas from looking at pictures.

3. Doodles

It won’t be every time you find the item you are looking to add to your vision board. If you discover that you enjoy doodling, there is no reason not to pursue it.

You don’t need any special artistic ability to make doodles, and you just need to be happy to do it.

Make an effort to do it, even if you are not very good at it and have never done it before, and see how things turn out. You can affix your doodles to your vision board if you are pleased with how they turned out.

4. Souvenirs and mementos

The power of souvenirs as a source of creativity cannot be understated. They have the potential to serve as reminders of your abilities, qualities that make you unique, accomplishments, positive relationships, and associations with others who have been successful.

You might also want to include mementos that remind you of the journey that led you to set that particular goal for yourself. Or, to put it another way, the starting point of that specific vision. It’s okay if you don’t immediately recall this.

If necessary, give some serious consideration to the moment when you first decided that you wanted to bring that desire into reality. Think about the pertinent information essential to the accomplishment of the manifestation.

5. Goals and intentions

We build visions on the foundation of our objectives and intentions.

Make public in creative ways the objectives and aims associated with your vision. You can make an intention tree, with the roots being your vision, the bark being your unique qualities, and the leaves being all the plans you have to make your vision come true.

You could also make a mixed-media sun, with the main goal as the sun’s center and the possible actions as its rays.

6. Self-affirmation

The fact that you write your self-affirmations makes them distinct from quotations in that you do so for your benefit. The goal is to change how a person sees the world and break down any limiting beliefs that person has.

According to some research, if you regularly repeat positive affirmations about yourself, it can train your brain to accept those affirmations as facts. When you have the conviction that you can accomplish something, your actions almost always follow suit.

Affirmations are a form of self-help that can increase one’s sense of self-confidence and faith in one’s capabilities.

7. Digital boards.

You may not have the necessary supplies or room to make vision boards. On the other hand, if you use digital vision boards, you can construct as many of them as you want and access them whenever you want on your desktop computer or mobile device.

You can create a digital vision board by making a collage with tools available on your computer or using online tools such as Pinterest or Canva. Alternatively, you can create a collage using online tools such as Pinterest or Canva.

Once you finish creating your vision board, you can put it on a slideshow that will play when your computer is idle, making it your home screen, or using a screen saver.

8. Words

When it comes to coming up with ideas for vision boards, words are an excellent place to begin. When we use words appropriately, they have a mysterious way of affecting us and making us feel good about ourselves.

According to the BRM institute, “Evidently, as humans, our thought patterns directly shape our perception of the world and those around us.” Our thoughts become our words, and therefore our language. ” https://brm.institute/neuroscience-behind-words/

Whether the words describe emotions or echo states of being, they all evoke experiences that we have had or hope to have in the future.

You should look through magazines and cut out words that describe the person you want to be or the feelings you want to have. You could even write them in large, colorful letters with many accents.

9. Look at it daily

It would help if you frequently consulted your vision board now that you have positioned it in a prominent location where you can observe it. You won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for it.

Look for just the right amount of time to remind yourself of your objectives or ambitions and track your progress. When you look at your vision board, think about the things you can do while you’re awake to bring you closer to achieving your objective or fulfilling your dream.

Don’t be afraid to change your vision board once you’ve reached your goals. Take the pictures off and put new ones in their place.

It is not a failure on your part if, at the end of the time you have allotted to achieve your goal, you have not achieved it to the extent that you desired. You need to keep your attention on the things that you have finished.


When brainstorming ideas for your vision board, it is essential to remember to let your creativity take the lead. Your vision board is not something you will publish for the world to see; instead, let your intention serve as a source of motivation for you every day.

Please use some of the provided ideas to inspire you to create your goal board and then put your spin on it.

When creating a vision board, the only rule you need to follow is “no rule.” When coming up with ideas for dream boards, you shouldn’t feel constrained by strict guidelines. The most compelling vision boards are those with an open mind and heart.

Include everything that, in your opinion, ought to be included, and that will make you happy. Instead of blindly following instructions, rely on your heart.

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