7 Common Nigerian breakfast meals


Breakfast is usually the first and most essential meal of the day, eaten in the early morning before starting work. It could be toasted bread, butter, fried eggs, sausage, bacon, kippers, baked beans, sardines, and so on, all laid out on the table. Some people prefer fried yams, fried plantains, and thick red palm oil stews with vast chunks of soft, flavorful beef. The perfectly cooked beef seemed to have been steeping in that stew for a while because, with every mouthful, the stew was the meat juice that sipped into your mouth.

Even so, most Nigerian homes have a few dishes that are always on the menu. Some of these dishes will be different from tribe to tribe and from person to person.

The egg stew seems more like a scrambled egg with other additives than a stew. Egg sauce is a simple Nigerian sauce that is made by sautéing tomatoes and eggs. The combination can be eaten at any time.

  • Indomie and eggs

    This is yet another common breakfast item. In fact, in most Nigerian homes, it can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is so common that noodle stands on street corners serve delicious noodle dishes all day and night.

Instant noodles are so convenient, inexpensive, and simple to prepare that they will give bread and tea a run for their money in Nigerian households. It is typically served with a boiled egg or an omelet. In fact, in many homes, this is the first dish that children learn to prepare.

  • Bread and tea

    There’s no need for introductions. This is something that everyone has eaten before. Everyone enjoys Nigerian tea and bread, including children, adults, and the elderly. The tea is made with cocoa and milk, and the bread can be eaten toasted or with a spread.

It can also be served with a boiled egg, an omelet, sausage, bacon, canned sardines, corned beef, mackerel in tomato sauce (geisha), and other dishes. Many children refer to any hot beverage as “tea.”

  • Akara and pap

    In most households, both Akara and pap are purchased from street vendors who fry the akara on the spot, ensuring that you get it steaming hot. For various reasons, some people handle and fry theirs at home.

Akara is a bean cake made from bean paste. In contrast, pap is a paste made from grains, primarily corn, millet, and other grains. Boiling water is used to make a gruel to accompany the akara.

  • Cereal

    The most common is cornflakes, followed by coco pops. Nigerians enjoy cereals as well, though the high cost of cereals, particularly imported cereals, has put them out of the minds of the average Nigerian. However, cheaper options like custard are still available.

Another disadvantage of cereal is that it is not as filling as other breakfast options unless it is accompanied by other foods. It can be pretty tasty with a bit of milk and sugar.

  • Soft bread with ewa agoyin

    Ewa agoyin is a mashed-up bean porridge served with a special stew made by Togo’s agoyin women. This dish is hawked on the streets of Togo by these Togolese women.

It is now sold by food vendors as well. It is served with soft and chewy agege bread. Lagos, Nigeria, is where most of them are sold.

  • Okpa

    Okpa is the local name for the Bambara nut in Nigeria. It is also the name of a pudding made of Bambara nut powder that is boiled. Even though it’s easy to make okpa, not many people do. Most people don’t think it’s worth the trouble to make it at home, so they buy it from one of the many okpa vendors.

It is mainly sold in the eastern part of Nigeria. Okpa is very filling and will keep you full until lunchtime. It’s perfect for people with diabetes.


In Nigeria, it is widespread to heat up the dinner from the night before and eat it for breakfast. People who have to leave the house early will find this very helpful. In rural areas, people often eat leftovers from dinner for breakfast.

Since there were no refrigerators, it made sense and saved time to eat the portions from dinner the night before. Most Nigerian breakfasts are just meals that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They are tasty and easy to use.

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