6 Natural Ways to Enlarge your Manhood Today


Countless men are concerned about their penis size because they genuinely think it does not add up. Some may even experience penis dysmorphia or anxiety about penis size. Pornography and society, in particular, have had a significant impact on our perceptions.

As our society’s values and outlook become more liberal, men have begun to question their hard-core opinions about sexuality and penis size. They are gravitating toward the Western ideal of a long, big, and strong penis that is best suited for powerful and satisfying sexual performance. However, not all men are born into this ideal category, and as a result, they look for answers (mostly natural and medicinal) that can truly help. Here are some of the natural and ayurvedic methods:

Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels): When you have an erection, the size of your penis expands significantly. As a result, when you have a stronger erection, you will naturally have a larger penis to show off to your partner. The key to stronger erections is to train your penis in the most effective way possible, such as with The Private Gym, which has been scientifically proven to increase the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor muscle group is perfectly positioned to push blood into the cavities in your penis, resulting in a more rigid erection. As a result, it makes perfect sense to strengthen these muscles to achieve harder erections. In conclusion, stronger pelvic floor muscles increase circulation, resulting in a slightly longer penis.

Stretching exercises (Jelqing): Jelqing is a technique of penis stretching that has several benefits when done correctly and has been shown to help men suffering from Peyronie’s disease. According to Healthline and the Journal of Sexual Medicine, penis stretching or traction exercises are an excellent natural way to increase penis size, girth, and length. Penis stretching appears to be similar to masturbation at first glance. The jelqing exercise, on the other hand, lets you stroke and stretch your penis, which makes your penis bigger and longer.

This exercise causes micro-tears in the penile tissue, which helps to increase penis size. The recovery period will increase girth. Furthermore, the stroking motion improves circulation and lengthens the penis.

Active lifestyle: Consuming high-saturated-fat and calorie foods while being physically inactive can end up causing your genitalia to shrink noticeably. It can also cause major problems with your libido and overall health. Lack of physical activity raises cholesterol in your arteries, disrupting proper blood circulation in the penis and causing it to shrink. Choosing a healthy lifestyle can have a significant impact on penis size and health.

Creams and lotions: A variety of skin creams and lotions can improve your erection or be used for ED because they possess compounds that improve blood circulation in the penis vessels and cavities, as well as aid in sexual dysfunction. Some of them also have de-sensitizing ingredients, like sprays or sprays that can help you have more sexual energy as a bonus.

L-arginine and alprostadil are two of the most common ingredients in topical creams. The former is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that acts as a vasodilator. This substance is very good at widening your blood vessels, which lets blood flow more freely.

Blood flow supplements: The larger your penis, the stronger and girthier the erection. Sildenafil (Viagra) and Cialis are two FDA-approved treatments that enhance blood circulation and stimulate erections. Natural compounds, on the other hand, can act similarly by enlarging penises and enhancing sex drive while causing few side effects. On that note, it makes a lot of sense if you take male enhancement pills, which are energy, nutrient, and natural supplements that increase blood flow to your dick. Other synthetic chemicals can cause chaos in your system, so make sure your pills don’t contain them.

Stop smoking: The most serious threat to your reproductive health is tobacco use. Not only has smoking been shown to reduce penis size, but it can also cause a decrease in testosterone, resulting in a variety of other hormonal imbalances that can cause penis shrinkage. Tobacco smoke makes small particles that get stuck in the arteries, which stops the healthy flow of blood to the penis and the rest of the body.


Not every man is endowed with a virtuous penis. More men are dissatisfied with the size of their members than are satisfied. While there is no miracle answer, there are some things you can do to gain some extra development and feel better down there. There are thousands of ads on the internet claiming that their “wonder drug” can increase the size of the penis by up to 4-5 inches. But the reality is that nearly all of them must be a farce. But don’t worry, there are ways to increase penis size using nutritional advice and specially designed exercises.

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