14 ways you can be more productive at work and home


Everyone is thinking of being productive, regardless of their location or where they work. Excessive caffeine and to-do lists, on the other hand, will not get you any closer to reaching peak productivity levels today.

I’ll be honest, I’m not the most productive member of society. There were times in my life when bad habits took precedence, and while I thought I was achieving a lot, it was more like taking one step forward and two steps backward. I didn’t realize I wasn’t working to my full potential because I was still doing well and achieving my goals. Fortunately for me, I was surrounded by highly productive people who had achieved great success. After watching my friend work for a while, I saw that she was very focused and had very different habits from mine.

She gave me so many useful tips in just a few hours that it completely changed me. I get itchy if I don’t feel like I’m working to the best of my abilities. So, why is productivity so important to us? It’s probably because, in this modern age, staying focused and avoiding distractions is more complex than doing the work. Also, a good day’s work can feel very uplifting.

However, it takes consistency and hard work to reach that state of mind. They intentionally customize their day to give them the push they need to stay productive. Try doing some of these absurdly productive activities and watch yourself reach your potential.

Take breaks

If I’m learning how to be more productive, why should I take a break? Well, that’s because, after several long hours of work, the ache in your brain should be your cue to stop.

Give yourself a break by going for a walk, eating lunch or a snack, or simply meditating because your brain has depleted its glucose stores. You’ll return rejuvenated and ready to increase your productivity.

Avoid distractions

Because it’s impossible to focus on one task at a time if your phone is constantly interrupting you with personal texts or the latest social media trends, productive people give themselves the gift of momentum by removing distractions from their immediate surroundings.

My iPhone’s night mode setting is one of my favorites, as it allows me to set it up, so that calls from people I care about, such as my girlfriend, ring through in an emergency.

Focus on yourself in the morning

Believe it or not, checking your calendar or emails first thing in the morning can seriously ruin your productivity. Others will be able to dictate what you do due to this.

Ignore your emails first thing in the morning and focus on eating a healthy breakfast, reading the news, doing yoga and meditation, or working out. Flooding your morning with other activities will ensure that you have enough energy to get through the day.

Stop saying “yes” all the time.

Incredibly productive people are aware of two things. For starters, time is of the essence. The more tasks they take on, the more likely they will be physically unable to complete them.

Two, confidentiality is the better part of valor, which means that if you’re going to take a risk, carefully choosing your path is crucial. Say “no” frequently and don’t say “yes” out of panic that nothing will ever come along.

Understand that laziness is not productivity

Although no one likes to admit it, laziness is the leading cause of lost productivity. Many ostensibly time-saving techniques—such as meetings and emails—are just ways to avoid doing actual work.  Concentrate on completing the most important tasks for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Delegate whenever you can

Delegating is kind of like saying “yes” only when necessary. A massive trick for productive people is letting go of control and delegating effectively.

Sometimes you want to say “yes,” but you don’t have the time. Have someone do the things you can’t physically do using one of the many options available. Someone else could help you with tasks like running a project or picking up your laundry.

Try not to multitask

Multitasking may seem like a good idea because it allows you to do more things at once, but it can genuinely limit your productivity and the quality of your work.

Stop attempting to accomplish ten tasks at once. Shifting duties more than ten times a day lowers your IQ by 10 points on average. Move-in with one task at a time to get things done faster and more effectively. In terms of productivity during the workday, less is more. For maximum productivity, stick to the fundamentals.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The key to actual productivity is to avoid concentrating solely on work. Whether or not your job is your passion, productivity requires balancing intimate relations and downtime with office time.

Try to create time for your family and close friends, do some exercise, and relax so that you can reap the profits of your labor while avoiding burnout.

Things to do at home that are productive

Of course, knowing how to be productive may not be the only thing you could use. Especially if you’re at home or in quarantine, you may be running out of things to do.

Having free time allows you to do things that you may like or want to enjoy, depending on your circumstances. Because of that, you might need this list of productive things you can do while you’re at home.

Read books

Starting at the top of the list is an excellent place to start. Nothing makes me happier than getting completely lost in a book and thinking only about the characters and plot.

We all have the opportunity to do so. Books help us exercise our brains, expand our vocabulary, reduce stress, and improve our imagination. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, go out and buy some books this week and start reading more. There’s no excuse because you can get used books for relatively low prices on Amazon. Remember that if you prefer audio, audiobooks could be the way to go.

Write a blog/journal

It is usually a good idea—and a highly productive one—to keep track of your thoughts, activities, and learning. You might reflect on this period and process your memories or thoughts for the previous day or week. You can do this in private on your computer, smartphone, or, better yet, a notebook.

Try to take it a step further and create a personal blog where you can turn your daily experiences into weekly or monthly posts that others can read and enjoy. Putting pen to paper once a day, in either case, could be 15 minutes well spent.

Learn new skills

Enrolling in courses to improve your qualifications can be combined with learning new skills. You can choose from many things, such as learning a new hobby (such as knitting) or studying a digital skill that takes a long time to master.

I think practicing an instrument can be a lot of fun, and it’s also a unique way to keep yourself engaged and learning. You could even choose to learn a new language or improve your skills in something you’ve had your eye on for some time.

Start a workout routine

How long will you keep procrastinating this activity? If you work out regularly, you already know that routine is the key to a successful and consistent workout routine.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the advantages of working out and staying in shape. Are you able to obtain some essential gym equipment? Unless you follow some of the exercise videos available on YouTube, you won’t even need this equipment.

Don’t forget your close family and friends

It’s easy to disconnect from the people we usually spend time with, but we have more ways to communicate. Try to talk with friends and family over a virtual meeting. Use the time to reconnect with relatives you haven’t seen in a while, and inquire about close friends you know through those family members.

Reconnecting with former coworkers is also something I think is a good idea. You may have spent quite some time with these people in previous roles and may have grown apart as your career progressed. But make an effort to track down those you’d like to catch up with; they’re in the same boat as you, so a virtual meeting is likely to be a win-win situation.

Take some time to meditate

During quarantine, it’s important to watch out for your health, and meditation can help you calm down when things are tough. Pick a quiet space, get some candles, and listen to some refreshing meditation music to clear your mind—more information here.

Meditation is one of the most constructive ways to relieve stress and improve your overall health. If you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, both Aura and Headspace can help.


Whether you are working long, intense hours in an office or you stay at home with nothing to do, productivity is something you can apply to either of these situations.

It only requires consistency, patience, and hard work if you want to watch yourself grow. Highly productive people accomplish so much because they make a conscious and sustained effort to do the small things that lead to progress every day. You might be reading this on your couch or during your lunch break, which is fantastic! So don’t be afraid to put some of the information you’ve learned to good use.

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