120+ Sweet Nicknames to call your lover


She’s adorable, cute, rocks your world, and you’re writing your own love story. Endearment phrases are affectionate, romantic, and demonstrate your special bond. To paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and your lady will adore the unique names you have chosen for her. They express your feelings and can be perceived as cute or freaky pet names. In any case, she’ll feel unique and special.

Pet names aren’t just for the ladies. From time to time, men, too, enjoy being addressed with those endearing nicknames. A nickname for your boyfriend is a sure-fire way to strengthen your love and intimacy bonds. And the truth is that if you don’t call your boyfriend by unique, sexy names regularly, you might lose him to someone who does.

Nicknames come in all forms and weirdness, but the pet names you give to the love of your life are always distinctive and should be enough to sweep your partner off their feet. Such nicknames come into play almost instantly when you start dating, and your real name is quickly forgotten. When your significant other refers to you by your first name, it’s a clear sign that you’re in trouble. So take the time to choose a suitable name for your babe.

 Cute names to call your girlfriend.

  1. Lovie 
  1. Angel Eyes
  1. Cuddlebug
  1. Juliet
  1. Dreamboat
  1. Cherished
  1. Miss Fabulous 
  1. Babylicious 
  1. Kitty Cat
  1. Hearty
  1. Sweet Lips/Sugar Lips 
  1. Diva
  1. Lover Girl
  1. Love Bug 
  1. Wifey 
  1. Sugar
  1. Honey bunches
  1. Sweet pea
  1. Shug
  1. Beloved
  1. Cutie patootie
  1. Doll
  1. Hon’
  1. Peach
  1. Snookums
  1. Sweets
  1. Toots
  1. Queen
  1. Sweetie honey pie
  1. My dear
  1. Apple of my eye
  1. My one and only
  1. Nutter butter
  1. Darling
  1. Sweetheart
  1. Pumpkin
  1. Angel
  1. Baby Carrot
  1. Sweet Pea
  1. Berry
  1. Berry Boo
  1. Tangerine
  1. Kiwi
  1. Cuckoo
  1. Birdie
  1. Little Otter
  1. Lil´ Mouse
  1. Buzzy Bee
  1. Ladybug
  1. Munchie
  1. Rum-Rum
  1. Picklehead
  1. Little Peanut
  1. Bambi
  1. Cherry Blossom
  1. Passion Fruit
  1. Snappy
  1. Pinky
  1. Num Nums
  1. Luv
  1. Luv Puppies
  1. Little Mama
  1. Kissy Face
  1. Fluffernutter
  1. Duckling
  1. Bee’s Knees
  1. Beanie
  1. Lovebird
  1. Baby Boo
  1. Cute Eyes

Cute names to call your boyfriend

  1. Bubba
  1. Sweetie
  1. Love of my life
  1. Diva
  1. Honey
  1. Captain
  1. Old man
  1. Sugarpie
  1. Other half
  1. Honey butter biscuit
  1. Sugar snap pea
  1. Scrumptch
  1. Dearest
  1. Dream Boat
  1. Hunk
  1. Lovey-dovey
  1. McDreamy
  1. My beloved
  1. Knight In Shining Armor
  1. Bugs
  1. Beau
  1. Loverboy
  1. Honeybun
  1. PIC (partner-in-crime)Good-looking
  1. Handsome
  1. Stud
  1. Prince Charming
  1. Boo
  1. Casanova
  1. My All
  1. My World
  1. Naughty 
  1. Oreo 
  1. Pancake 
  1. Peachy 
  1. Popeye 
  1. Hot Stuff 
  1. Hun 
  1. Jammy 
  1.  Jellybean
  1.  Jock 
  1. Knave
  1. Knight in Shining Armor 
  1. Knock Out 
  1. Love
  1. Mi Amor 
  1. Monkey
  1. Mr. Right 
  1. Muffin 


It’s nothing new to refer to your significant other by a nickname. It became an inseparable part of every wonderful relationship. The most important aspect of any relationship, as with any other, is coming up with cute names to call your lover. A great nickname for your lover reminds him/her of how much you love and appreciate him/her. Above all, your lover should enjoy the nickname. Otherwise, the intended mood will be lost.

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