10 rules when it comes to having friends with benefits


While the idea goes against traditional relationship ideals, it is still a noticeable reality in today’s society, and much of it has been discussed here. Because this special union is unlike any other relationship, the rules that govern its operation are also unlike any other relationship rules you may be familiar with. One of the most enjoyable aspects of being in a relationship is having great sex. It’s a part of human life to share fervent, pleasurable occasions with someone you find attractive. But what if you haven’t met the right person yet or aren’t ready for a full-fledged commitment right now? Are you only able to enjoy yourself by yourself? In the world of friends with benefits, that is not the case.

Friends-with-benefits relationships can be really complex and challenging, as relieving as they are to have commitment-free sex. Are you both okay with hooking up with other people, or are you exclusive friends with benefits? What if your “beneficial” friend starts to expect more from the connection? And what happens if you don’t feel it anymore? Due to the hazy boundaries, even the most satisfying friends-with-benefits relationships can quickly devolve into “it’s complicated” territory.

Everyone’s definition of “friends with benefits” is slightly different. Finding some common ground (outside of the bedroom) will keep the experience steamy. So with that being said, here are 10 rules when it comes to friends-with-benefits relationships.

  1. Friends stay friends: There’s a reason it’s called “friends” with benefits, not “lovers” with benefits. There’s also a good possibility that either one of you will begin to feel things. Yes, I mean emotions. Allowing these emotions to grow has a big impact on the situation. When you act on them, the relationship shifts from FWB to dating. And that’s not acceptable unless both you and your partner agree that’s what you want. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings. Your good friend might be looking for the same thing! However, if that’s not what you want right now, you should stop hooking up.
  2. Always ask for consent: When you’re having fun with someone, whether it’s a one-time hookup, a long-term friends-with-benefits relationship, or even a spouse, consent is crucial. You and your partner must understand and respect each other’s boundaries. Consent is vital for any sort of relationship, not just sexual ones. You can also get and give consent on social matters, such as whether it’s okay to tell someone about your friends-with-benefits relationship or whether you’re allowed to leave things at their apartment. Never assume consent when it comes to sex. Just because you’ve done something before doesn’t mean your partner will want to repeat it.
  3.  Always use protection: Getting an infection or having a pregnancy scare takes the fun out of sex faster than anything else. When it comes to sexual relationships, you must think about using protection. Friends with benefits are based on the idea that there is no obligation, so either partner can have as many friends with benefits as they want. In that case, it’s critical to use safety precautions. Protection should be used regularly to keep you and your partner healthy. It’s still not a bad idea to visit your doctor for routine STD screenings if you have an active sex life.
  4. No room for jealousy: Friends with benefits is based on the idea that it’s a pleasurable activity for two people without the extra responsibilities that come with a full-fledged romantic relationship. However, because there is no commitment, your friend may end up with multiple partners. Jealousy can arise unexpectedly when you learn that your friend is dating someone else. How does this negative feeling arise, although you haven’t committed to exclusivity? Jealousy is an unpleasant and draining emotion, and friends with benefits are intended to be enjoyable. If you’re envious, consider whether this is truly beneficial to you.
  5. Know when it’s time to move on: There is no such thing as a friendship-with-benefits relationship that lasts forever. Knowing when it’s time to let go will help you finish on a positive note. Friends with benefits are comparable to non-sexual friendships in that some friends will come and go in your life, which is normal. To be meaningful and exciting, something does not have to last forever or even for a long time. Continue for as long as you’re having a good time. Stop your friends-with-benefits relationship when the sexual chemistry has worn off and move on to something or someone else.
  6. No Dates: Dating is for loving couples, not friends-with-benefits. This one is tricky because you might need to gather food at a certain point along the way. If this situation arises, don’t treat it like a romantic date. And going to any other special occasion together is specifically banned in this type of relationship. These are the kinds of things that cause people to experience emotions. If you want to keep your sexual relationship sexual, you don’t want to feel any emotions here. The chances of those feelings not being reciprocated are extremely high.
  7. Don’t do it with friends: If you’re a romantic at heart, this isn’t the best option for you because it’s a watered-down version of the type of relationship you’ll really want. Friends with benefits is a type of relationship that usually works when you’ve only recently met someone and haven’t formed a strong bond with them. You don’t want to jeopardize important friendships in this way.
  8. Only sext messages: The only text message you should send to a friend with benefits is one about sex. If you text in the same way that normal boyfriends and girlfriends do, awkwardness and confusion are bound to arise. This can go awry because it sends out mixed signals, leading one of you to believe the other has feelings for you.
  9. Explore your sexuality: Friends with benefits can be a good way to meet your sexual needs while also forcing you to consider new ways of being with someone. Friends with benefits allow you to embrace your sensual side and discover new ways to experience sexuality. Utilize the chance by discovering new desires and, in the end, having fun with them. During a friendship-with-benefits relationship, even the most seasoned “sexperts” can discover new pleasures.
  10. Do not be clingy: you are strangers, not friends or lovers. Giving them grief if they have plans, a date, or have to cancel on you is highly discouraged, as is leaving a change of clothes or a spare toothbrush at their place. The fun is over once you reach stage five clinger status. Even small things, such as cuddles, can cause problems in a relationship. If you and your partner have agreed that cuddling is acceptable, then snuggle up. Otherwise, try to stay away from it. Cuddling motivates intimacy, which is something you don’t want to do with your FWB. You want to keep things simple, and cuddles can make things more difficult.


Friends with benefits is a type of relationship in which two people, ideally, have a platonic relationship and use each other for sex. There are no dates, no commitments, and no romance. Hooking up is a common part of hanging out.

If you’re feeling guilty about it, keep in mind that it all comes down to what makes you happy and fulfilled. More power to you if you’re in a friend-with-benefits relationship! Ignore those who say it’s promiscuous or inappropriate; they’re missing out. As long as you’re being honest with yourself and your partner, you should feel free to explore one of the most basic aspects of being human in whatever way excites you.

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